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Good other people are in pain it makes me feel better. …That was creepier than I intended.

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You are such an asshole. :p

I am a delight and you know it

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I read the first sentence of this and went ‘NOPE!’

I live for responses like this =P

I Wish I’d Known Her

“Who was she?”

Emil turned to Conner, who stared down at the tombstone, his expression clouded. The grey slab read ‘TESS MERCER’ with dates beneath it and ‘Beloved sister and friend.’ Cold. Utilitarian. As if a piece of granite could ever represent the woman resting underneath.

“Tess? You know who she was, Conner, you talked to her, saw her -“

“I mean as a person,” Conner interrupted, looking up. “I just - I never really knew her, you know? Not like I know Clark and Lois and Mrs. Kent - or even Chloe and Ollie. I knew her as Watchtower, but no one ever talked about her, and now all these people…”

“Most of them didn’t even know Tess,” Emil scoffed. “They’re here because of Lex.”

“So she really was his half-sister?”

Emil’s lips thinned, but he nodded. “She was. But she refused to let that change her.”

Conner nodded absently.

“She was a very passionate woman,” Emil continued, “Strong, determined… loving.”

Conner looked at the doctor dubiously, and Emil smirked faintly. “She had a son, you know. He… died, before you met her, but she loved him with everything she had.”

“I love him.” Tess’ voice was quiet, almost drowned out by the rain drumming at the clock tower’s roof and windows. There were deep shadows under her eyes, but she kept her gaze fixed on the monitor tracking Conner’s mission. “I love him, and he forgot me, and I had to let him go.”

Conner heard an aborted noise of grief behind him, and saw a woman with curly blonde hair cover her mouth as tears rolled down her cheeks and walk away.

“What was he like?” Conner, turning back to Emil. He felt awkward just standing in front of the grave of a woman he barely knew, but the older man didn’t seem inclined to walk away.

“He… He was a good kid. Redhead, like Tess.” Emil smiled again, and Conner couldn’t quite read the expression behind it. “She would read him Peter Pan when he was little, and he’d giver her drawings he made - she’d get this smile on her face when she talked about him, like the sun was coming out. They adored each other. He grew up to be a troublemaker, but all kids do that at some stage. He fought with her, but that never changed how much she loved him.”

“What happened to him?”

Emil sighed. “He got sick. Wound up forgetting her, forgetting everything, and then he died.”

Conner swallowed, feeling a sharp stab of grief. He didn’t know why, but he thought he might cry. “That must have broken her heart.”

Emil nodded, looking back at Tess’ gravestone. “It did. But, like I said, Tess was strong. She kept going, kept fighting. She was a force of nature, no matter what happened to her, she held her head high and conquered it.”

“I never knew…”

Emil shook his head, and this time his smile was sad. “Tess was dealt a pretty rough hand in life. She fought for everything she had, and never let anyone in too close in case they hurt her, betrayed her. Clark and Oliver probably knew her best.”

“You knew her.”

Emil chuckled. “I knew what she let me know. We had an… interesting history.”

Conner looked down at Tess’ grave, at the flowers and wreaths laid in front of the tombstone. For a moment, he saw a flash of dark red in his mind’s eye, felt a woman’s arms around him, warm and safe and strong, and felt a kiss to his head.

“I wish I’d known her,” he said wistfully, “She sounds pretty awesome.”

Emil smiled and squeezed his shoulder comfortingly.

You did know her, he wanted to say, You loved her and looked up to her and trusted her, and even though it broke her heart every day to see you look at her like a stranger, she loved you all the more.

But Tess was dead, Alexander was gone, and Conner didn’t remember.

“She cared about you a lot,” Emil admitted, “About everyone in the League, and she knew you all cared about her and trusted her in return. That was enough for her.”

Conner nodded. It didn’t seem like it should have been enough, but he remembered Tess with her confidence and sly sense of humour and the way she was completely no-nonsense - as Bart could attest - and always on top of things, ready with a solution when they were in trouble - and he hoped it was.

Emil clapped Conner’s shoulder lightly and they turned and walked away.

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you are pure evil and I will make you pay for this. mark my words. a reckoning is coming.

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"no analog" "be developed as her own character" - need I remind you how that worked out for Smallville with Chloe?

Do not dampen my optimism Elizabeth

yeah, poor Tess walks in Watchtower carrying a dress inside a bag (or whatever the things for clothes right out of dry cleaners are called - sorry, Eng not my primary lang), she hangs it on the ladder inside Watchtower, then she tries to access the satellites. And then she's kidnapped :(

Garment bag? That might be what you’re thinking of? But yeah, I get what you mean =)

That scene’s a little fuzzy in my head, must have just missed it.

More things to contemplate: What happens when the League returns to Watchtower and sees the dress there, but no Tess?

Yeah, I always think that too. :( But I have been involved in several weddings as photographer/guest/part of the wedding party, and I will say, things tend to get pretty hectic and stressful. If you're not actually apart of the wedding party, I think it would be easy to be lost in the shuffle, then add in the apocalypse actually taking place, I'm guessing people unfortunately had their hands full. :( It does make me sad too though, that nobody noticed until it was too late.

That’s fair, I guess.

But Tess…

I have to wonder what the League’s reactions would be, though, when they realised Tess wasn’t at the wedding, and that she was dead…

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What song do you listen to when you’re sad and want to be happy?

Lullaby by Nickelback

What book do you think deserves so much more?

In terms of movie adaptation? Eragon by Christopher Paolini, probably. I mean, the books aren’t my favourite, but the movie was. Well. Words I can’t say in polite company.

What do you think of the social justice movements?

I think they’re necessary for progress in our society.

Who is the most inspirational historical figure in your opinion?

Yeshua of Nazareth

What is the nicest song you know?

You’ll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins

What show will you be sad to see the end of?

Sailor Moon Crystal

What are your thoughts on Firefly?

It was good while it lasted

What is the least (socially) problematic TV show you watch?

This is probably a tie between Sailor Moon Crystal and Flashpoint

Discworld or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Something you heard someone say when you were younger that stuck with you all your life.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

My Questions:

  1. What’s your earliest memory?
  2. If you could pick one character in Supernatural (or your favourite show, for those of you who don’t watch SPN) that died to bring back, who would it be?
  3. Likewise, if you could send one living character to death, who would it be?
  4. What’s the most entertaining Anon message you’ve ever received?
  5. What feature would you like to see in Tumblr that it doesn’t have?
  6. What’s one thing you want to do before you die?
  7. Favourite genre to read?
  8. Favourite genre to write?
  9. OTP to end all OTPs?
  10. Why did you join Tumblr?

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I think she was invited to the wedding, she had a dress with her when she goes to Watchtower after Granny Goodness shows up at the mansion, but she gets sidetracked trying to reach the team about Apokolips, and then kidnapped. :(

Oooh, I see.

Yeah, I just found it odd that she didn’t turn up to the wedding, and no one found it odd or thought to mention it, even in passing.

Love your meta on Gotham. What did you think of Fish Mooney?

You mean that counted as meta and not a page of rabid fangirling? You’re too kind <3

You know, I think I like her. She’s powerful and ruthless (and not afraid to get violent) and confident. She seems a little standard? for a female mobster, but she’s charismatic enough to make up for it - I loved the scene with the kid trying to be a comedian. The power struggle they’re setting up with Carmine Falcone is a bit of a trope, but she has no analog in DC Comics, as far as I’m aware, so she can really be developed as her own character, and I’m looking forward to that.

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S10 is conflicting because Tess actually gets positive things in her life but she also gets Lionel so like.

Oh my gosh, so much

She gets Alexander, but he gets brainwashed and then forgets her completely

She gets friends, and then she dies (was she even invited to Clark and Lois’ wedding?)

Tess learns to laugh, openly and truly, and then finds about her Luthor heritage (and let’s not forget that Clark called Luthor blood evil in her earshot)

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I don’t know about that, but I would certainly suffer some kind of stroke if you killed Tess right after you gave her a happy ending.

Don’t tempt me to write Tess dying, you know I will.

No but what about Conner

He forgets Tess

But he loves Clark and Lois

So what happens when the three of them are in a relationship

Because you know it’s going to kill Tess that her son doesn’t even remember her, doesn’t know her, and thinks she’s an outsider in Clark and Lois’ relationship

And I’m pretty sure Clark and Lois don’t really understand what it means to Tess to have to constantly be in his presence and feel the weight of their history only on her shoulders

In fact, Cat was the only one who knew how much Tess loved Alexander, right?

So what about Conner, Elizabeth?


So, I watched FOX’s new show Gotham yesterday, and I, for one, completely loved it. I have a lot of feelings, which I would like to share under the cut.

Be prepared for a character-by-character list of gleeful flailing

Spawned from a conversation with forlorn-kumquat about ace!Tess, demi!Clark, and bi!Lois —

Imagine the three of them fall into a relationship before Tess tells anyone that she’s ace. And it’s fiery and passionate (hello, have you met Tess and Lois? Clark’s got his hands full) and great (except for the whole sex thing, but that’s a sacrifice Tess is willing to make, she’s lucky enough just to have this, no one’s ever needed to know before)

Until Clark realises that Tess’s heartbeat never changes like Lois’ when they’re sleeping together

He asks if Tess likes having sex with them, and Tess deflects, because of course she does, she’s in a relationship with them, sex is just something she’s good at, as their enthusiasm last night proved

(No one ever told her she could say no)

(She tells all her employees they can, that LuthorCorp is safe and open for everyone on the lgbtqia+ spectrum)

(But not herself, never herself)

Clark and Lois know she’s lying, because she’s got her LuthorCorp facade up, and Tess is already planning and counter-planning, because she needs this relationship, needs it like the air she breathes, and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep it

Clark and Lois think she’s bribing them to stay at her side, that she’s been using them to keep them at her side (under control) all this time

They fight

They break up

Clark and Lois are angry and grieving and Tess doesn’t give an inch, because she’s Tess Mercer, made of marble, powerful and unbreakable (except that under the right pressure marble crumbles into dust) and she’s old hand at heartbreak and picking up the pieces (she’s not sure how many are left) and moving on (never look back, because if you’re looking over your shoulder, you’ll miss the blade coming from the front)

Most of the League sides with Clark and Lois, and the ones that don’t stay well shod of the matter. Because they love Clark and Lois, but Tess is the one who talks to them and sets up their missions and keeps them alive, so maybe it’s best if they just stay out of the way on this one.

(And maybe Arthur and Mera are a bit more on Tess’s side, because if she’d have come to them first, they’d have never let her go)

Oliver thinks she’s just too broken for a real relationship, and why wouldn’t she be when her last real relationship was with Zod, and look what a clusterfuck that turned out to be (in the darkest corner of his mind, he wonders if maybe he broke her first)

Emil’s the only one to notice Tess disappear into the bathroom to vomit when she overhears that

But Tess is fine, she’s perfectly fine, it was just a relationship, she and Clark and Lois are adults who can work fine together, saving the world and keeping LuthorCorp from crashing into the ground is more important, and if she goes home and cries at night because she hates herself for ruining another relationship (if she had just pretended better, no one would know), one that she needs even more than she needed her relationship with Ol-

Well. She’s Tess Mercer. She’ll be fine.

(She used to wonder if Ollie cheated on her because he could sense that she hated the sex no matter how much she loved him)

And if Emil’s the only one who catches the raw, longing gaze Tess casts in Clark and Lois’ direction (just once, maybe twice, because she’s Tess Mercer and she doesn’t break)

Well. He is clearly the only adult in the room how the Hell did he end up working with these people oh my God

Emil’s the one who weasels the truth out of her, and then locks Clark, Lois, and Tess in a room, telling them to be adults and use their grown-up words until they fix their problem

And Tess is unbending, and they’re gearing up for another fight when Tess blurts “I hate sex!”

And Lois sees something she hadn’t before

(“Do you hate sex with us, or just sex in general?”)

(“No one’s asked me that before.”)

(“We’re asking now.”)

And when Emil finally lets them out, their eyes are red and puffy, but their smiles are wide

And they go home that night and cuddle on the couch and slowly figure out what Tess’ limits are, with Clark keeping an eye (an ear) out, because Tess tends to tell people what the she thinks they want her to want instead of what she actually wants

And they all live happily ever after

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Go get on your ritual sacrifices, and you can have one, too

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Tess genuinely laughing is so rare that the Smallville Wiki considers it Episode Trivia.


*cuddles Tess protectively*