I'm missed most of season 9 of CM so I'm catching up now! Do you have any fic recs for when I've finished?
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Ahhh, I do not =(

I haven’t been reading much CM fanfiction lately, I can’t find any good ones to my taste.

I did find some old good Hotch-centric fanfics, though, and some crossovers floating around, so let me know if you’re interested in those.

And maybe some of my followers can give you better recommendations!

Ahhh!!! I just saw the new SWSH fic!! It's amazing! It had Sam's kids yelling at Dean, and Flagstaff was there. It was incredible. If only Sam would have let Jacob kill Dean... Ah well can't have everything.

I’m so glad you liked it!

Don’t worry, I will be rewriting Demon Heart, so Jake and Ben get to beat the shit out of Dean in glorious detail. It’s as close as any of us will ever get to killing Dean.

Love ur blog Recently I've been watching criminal minds over netflix I fricking love it And I adore spencer reid do you know any reid specific episode he is my fav character
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Depends, what season are you on?

S1 - LDSK, Derailed, The Fisher King Pt. I

S2 - The Fisher King Pt. 2, Revelations, Jones

S3 - Scared to Death, Elephant’s Memory

S4 - The Instincts, Memoriam, Masterpiece, Amplification

S5 - The Uncanny Valley

S6 - Corazon, Coda

S7 - Painless, True Genius

S8 - Zugzwang, Alchemy

S9 - Persuasion, Rabid, Angels

Those are the big Reid-centric episodes or episodes heavily featuring Reid thank I can think of, but hunterinabrowncoatall-the-worlds-a-game, forlorn-kumquat, and quakerhobbit are all familiar with CM and might also be able to give you some different episodes =)


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Your Dean and Jason and Sam and Sammy thing is beautiful and I am in love and wish there was more.

I’m glad you like it!

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sillierthanasillylaugh tagged me!

Rules are:  You answer the 11 questions, come up with 11 of your own, and tag 11 people.

1. How would you spend your last day on Earth?

Probably calling up old friends to talk to them one last time, and tell my family I love them. I actually prefer to spend it alone, unless no one knew it was my last day, in which case, I’d spend it with my best friend and family, to see them smile and laugh one last time.

2. What scientific discovery would you like to see in your lifetime the most?

A way to defeat AIDS.

3. If someone invited you into their mind, who would you like to have asked you?

Jesus Christ. I mean, that kind of love for humanity, the knowledge of the wonders of the universe…

4. What’s the most important thing on your nightstand/thing next to your bed you keep things on?

Either my iPhone or my laptop. My entire life is on those devices, from my Bible to my schoolwork to my fanfiction.

5. What’s a talent you wish you could have?

The ability not to procrastinate.

6. What’s your dream bed (canopy, water, trundle, etc?)

Twin XL Tempurpedic mattress on a bed frame that’s a bit high off the ground.

7. What’s your favorite dream?

Uhhh… all the dreams I really remember right now are crazy Prozac-induced lunacy, but there was this one about a princess and her shapeshifter-dragon lover that was fun.

8. How you ever had a supernatural/unnatural/unexplainable occurrence happen to you?

If you count unexpectedly high test scores (which sometimes I do)

9. Is there anything you must do in a certain order?

Not that I’m aware of no…

10. What album can you listen to repeatedly?

Tonight, by TobyMac

11. What non-standard subject should be mandatory in school?

Basic Ettiquette, or How Not to Be an Uncouth Peasant in Public

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I don’t see how this is a problem

I’m reading the Oxford Handbook of War for fun instead of beginning my LSAT prep

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forlorn-kumquat replied to your post “I have heard rumor of a fic where s2!dean sees and is appalled by s9!dean and I AM EXCITE”

I started reading before I read the first note, and my first thought was Jason Todd, and now I want a fic where Sam is adopted into the Bat-family, and the Robins kick Dean’s ass. (Dick would make a better big brother anyway.)

Let me direct you to these posts.

One of the reasons I went with Jason as a place-holder name for S2!Dean is that he voiced Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood and played Jason Teague in Smallville.

As for the Robins kicking Dean’s ass - When Dean breaks into Sam’s apartment to get him to come help him find John, Dick and Tim immediately knock him out. Sam just looks at Dean’s unconscious body and Dick and Tim and goes, “Was that really necessary?”

(And later, Dean takes another swing at him, but Sam puts him on the floor in two seconds, because Dean may have been trained by a Marine, but Sam was trained by Batman.)

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yes i would like that pls

rachel no

transferring all my fics, especially the multi-part ones to Google Docs would take months, since I currently have them on Scrivener

but if you really want, I think I can share you in on the Evernote notebook I use to store my plot bunnies?

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i need it ;w;

Rachel I feel like I should just put all my unfinished fics on Google Docs for you to read at your leisure =P

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Have you seen Veronica Mars?
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I have not seen Veronica Mars yet, no! It’s on my list, though!

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how???????? these are so cool!

Mom got me a pretty good nail art kit from… somewhere one Christmas. It only has six colours plus black and white, but you can do a lot with those.

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OMG I love the science ones, the DNA and the amino acids!! NAIL ART IS THE BEST

I live doing science-themed nail art! Especially, since, y’know, SCIENCE IS MY SOUL. ^^

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Your nails are gorgeous! The last time I tried painting my own nails, I wound up with polish halfway up my fingers.

Practice, practice, practice!

I’ve been doing my own nails since I was fourteen, maybe younger. And back then, I’d change my nail polish every few days to match my outfit. When I went to boarding school, I stuck with French-tip manicures, because I didn’t have as much time, and then I dropped it for a while when I was in Organic Chemistry lab, because the acetone would eat through my gloves and ruin my nail polish. Now that I have more time and a decent nail art kit, I’ve started doing it again.

I'm glad you're doing alright! AS per usual, I adore everything you write, no matter how loudly I end up screeching at my computer
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You are a gem, darling <3

(And yes good screech at your computer this is my endgame)

Omg you are perfect, your blog is perfect, what you write is perfect ! I just found out about SWSH and it's just so beautiful, I honestly cried, more than once. I'm so happy you give Sam the credit he deserve and I agree about all you're saying about Dean and... omg you're so perfect, usually I'm more... shy, let's say, about just go and talk to people like that but I needed to say how much I'm in love with what you write :3

Oh, sweetheart, you are too kind <3

I’m really glad you like SWSH, and my posts about Dean, since they tend to be more… polarised than anything else I post.

And my inbox is always open, love, so feel free to drop by any time you want!